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Anonymous said: I'm a really big fan and i think you all are beautiful! when are you guys gonna post another video, and how often are you gonna do it?

Thank you! One just went up a few hours ago :)

one-and-only-jules said: Hi, I am a BIG fan of your YouTube videos. I followed you on here and I wanted to see if you could take a request?!?!?! I wanted to see if you could make a video one how to use Eyeshadow minerals or something like that, if you dont already hove it;P Thanks:)

Okay thank you so much!! :)

Anonymous said: how old are you?


xoxnisha said: you're so pretty morgan, i love watching your videos on TFG

thank you so much!

Anonymous said: where do you plan on going to college?

it depends on where i get accepted :)

gogreenlovepink-deactivated2012 said: Hey! Thanks for the follow :) Greetings from Puerto Rico!!!!

thank you! :)

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figure-eight-infinity-deactivat said: Hiii, umm idk where else to post this so im just going to do it here so yeah *Blushes* BUT thanks for following me back, and btw really really cool youtube channel,xx

thanks girl!